Reverse the Adverse

Teaching educators how to better serve urban students impacted by trauma.


Feedback from Attendees

"Very informative, useful, and engaging."
"Usually these Monday meetings are boring and brutal to sit through but this meeting was absolutely worth sitting through."
"Great job! Thank you!"

Our Approach

Healthy attachments are essential for the proper development of children. Secure educator-student relationships can foster resilience for students to become strong, successful learners. Brought forth through years of personal and professional experience, the founder teaches educators and mental health professionals strategies to instill endurance and hope in vulnerable students with Adverse Childhood Experiences.

 Program Description 

Reverse the Adverse is designed for educators in urban districts who struggle to motivate students to learn and lose instruction time due to problem behaviors. This  professional development training will help your school improve in such areas by teaching specific strategies to build and maintain trusting relationships between educators and students, thus improving overall academic performance. 

 Who Should Attend?

Administrators, Psychologists, Counselors, Teachers, Social Workers, Behavioral Support, and Paraprofessionals.

Topics Explored

Reverse the Adverse encourages educators to reflect on how personal biases may dictate their interactions and expectations with students. Furthermore, the program teaches about trauma and how it is manifested in students. Given such knowledge, educators are then given specific strategies to effectively educate, empower, and instill hope in vulnerable students.



Let me help you better serve urban students.