Reverse the Adverse Online Training 

My mission is to help educators overcome student trauma and disruptive behaviors so they can teach effectively. 

Reverse the Adverse gives you a step-by-step approach that will drastically decrease disruptive behaviors, improve quality instruction time, and motivate and engage your students in learning.  

Reverse the Adverse 2-Hour Online Training was created to teach urban educators how to adopt a system of beliefs and practices that will help them overcome the negative impact of student trauma with compassion and understanding. Research proves that when educators are trauma-informed, they foster strong, resilient, successful learners.

Reverse the Adverse 2-Hour Online Training focuses on three objectives; each are aligned with  Danielson Framework. 

  1. Learn and understand the effects that ACEs have on students’ mental and physical health so you can understand why they demonstrate disruptive behaviors.  

  2. Analyze how personal bias influences educator expectations and interactions with students so you can improve compliance by building trusting relationships. 

  3. Use practical trauma- informed strategies to decrease disruptive behaviors so a majority of your instruction time is actually spent teaching.

Reverse the Adverse 2-Hour Online Training is just $97. 

When you invest today, you get the following:

  • A live, intimate and interactive class.

  • An e-book that serves as a resource guide.

  • Self-Care tools to prevent burn-out.

  • Access to our private Facebook community.

  • A Certificate of Completion for 2 PD hours.  

There are only 10 spots available for each training – Spots fill quickly!

Next training date:  Thursday, 4/9/20 from 12PM – 2PM ET

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