Reverse the Adverse Online Training 

Inner city students come to school with an invisible backpack full of stress and trauma. These issues don’t go away just because they’re in school. 

Do your students have a difficult time concentrating? 

Are they restless and irritable? 

Are they easily angered and aggressive? 

Do they have difficulty starting or completing tasks?

Do you constantly repeat the same directions over again?

Are your students unmotivated to work? 

The reason for these behaviors is trauma, and if we don’t address the trauma first, very little learning and instruction time will occur. 

I know, you have enough on your plate and not enough time to address the students mental issues as well. 

BUT, if you don’t address the trauma, your outcome will remain the same – being overwhelmed, stressed out, on the binge of burn-out and ready to quit.

Which is why I created Reverse the Adverse… 

Reverse the Adverse 2-Hour Online Training is 2-hour online training that serves to build trauma-informed educators by using research-based protective factors such as trusting relationships, empathy, and positive educator expectations. This requires that we raise awareness and teach educators the effects that trauma has on the growing brain and on overall development to include learning, motivation, social/emotional stability, and relationships.  Research proves that when educators are trauma-informed, they foster strong, resilient, successful learners

The training is designed for educators in urban districts who struggle to motivate students to learn, lose instruction time due to problem behaviors, and want to improve student/teacher relationships, thus improving students’ overall academic performance. 

Reverse the Adverse 2-Hour Online Training provides a space for educators to reflect on how personal biases may interfere with the entire learning process.  It also teaches about trauma, how it is manifested in students, and provides practical positive approaches to remedy such behaviors. Given such knowledge, educators can effectively educate, engage, empower, and instill hope in vulnerable students, thus improving overall academic performance. 

Reverse the Adverse online training is just $97.  There are only 10 spots available for each training so secure your space quickly! Each training is Live and interactive which is why we keep the size very intimate. You will receive an e-workbook which will be used throughout the entire training to enhance your learning experience.  As an added BONUS, you will also receive self-care tools to prevent burnout AND access to our private Facebook community, Trauma-Informed Urban Educators. 

Next training date:  2/29/20 from 9AM – 11AM ET

Click the link below to get started now. You don’t want to miss out!